When Is It Time to Reseal Your Pavers in Jacksonville?

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    Investing in professional paver sealing in Jacksonville, FL, is one of the best investments you can make. Your pavers will look pristine and are easy to clean, and the joint sand will be free of weed growth. If your concrete pavers are looking a little dull and lifeless, you may be wondering, “Is it time to reapply the water-based sealer or should you leave the paver surface alone?”

    In this post, As New Again Pressure Washing discusses when it’s the right time to reseal your pavers. 

    How Often to Seal Pavers

    How often you need to apply the sealant depends on which product you use in the first place. The average product lasts between three to five years with professional installation. During this time, the paving should remain pristine and should not fade. 

    The coating should wear away rather than lift or peel off. If you notice this happening, there may have been a problem with the initial installation. If you are unsure, you can call us for our professional opinion and a free estimate on recoating. 

    Is it Ever Too Early for Resealing?

    If you paid a paver sealing professional in Jacksonville to reseal your pavers two weeks ago, probably. If it’s been more than a year or two ago, it depends on the wear and tear. If you have a busy commercial space with plenty of foot traffic, you need to invest in paver sealing in Jacksonville, Fl, more often. 

    Our technician is happy to discuss the optimal resealing schedule with you based on your property, location, and foot traffic. 

    Does It Matter What the Paving Material Is? 

    Bricks, stone, and concrete pavers look similar and use the same system of sand joints. However, they are very different materials overall, and you must understand the differences to choose the best sealant. 

    Bricks and concrete are highly porous and absorb liquids more easily over time. When you seal a clean brick, you lock in that naturally rich color and protect it for longer. Without the sealant, both brick and concrete stain very quickly. Both materials are also prone to color shifts after exposure to the sun. 

    You, therefore, need a waterproof coating that contains UV-protectants. Polyaspartic is ideal in this instance. 

    Stone may be less porous, depending on the type. It is often more stable in sunshine and can be more durable than brick or concrete. However, it’s worth remembering that stone will also wear away over time. Some softer stones, like limestone, are more porous and will wear faster than granite.

    Sealing stone makes it easier to clean and keeps the surface pristine. It makes sense to keep resealing the stone over the years to maintain your pavers’ look and functionality

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