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    The parking lot is among the first things customers and guests see when they visit your commercial property. However, constant exposure to the elements, heavy traffic, and other detrimental factors can quickly make your parking lot dirty and unsightly. 

    A dirty and neglected parking lot can create a negative impression of your business and turn off potential customers. Professional pressure washing can effectively eliminate accumulated dirt, grime, grease, oil stains, and other contaminants from your parking lot and garage, restoring their visual appeal. 

    At As New Again, we offer reliable and affordable parking lot and garage cleaning in Jacksonville, FL. Our highly trained and certified technicians use the latest garage pressure washing equipment to ensure quality workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction. 

    Why Choose As New Again for Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL?

    We’re a top-rated company with over 14 years of industry experience. You can expect the following when you choose us:

    Top Five Benefits of Professional Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning Services

    Many commercial property owners and managers disregard the parking lot and garage. They forget that these areas provide the initial impression on potential customers, tenants, and guests. Below we discuss some of the reasons you should invest in professional parking lot and garage cleaning in Jacksonville, FL: 

    Attract More Customers

    Customers usually prefer businesses with great curb appeal. A well-cleaned and maintained parking lot shows potential customers that you care about your business. On the other hand, a parking lot or garage covered in dirt, oil stains, and potholes can discourage customers from visiting your business. 

    Discourage Littering

    Clean and well-maintained parking lots and garages usually inspire positive behavior, discouraging littering. However, people often care less about dirty parking lots and garages and are likelier to litter in them. 

    Maintain a Safe Environment

    Dirty parking lots and garages increase the risk of accidents. Slippery conditions resulting from litter, debris, and oil usually promote these accidents. Regular cleaning can minimize slip-and-fall accidents in your parking lot or garage.

    Preserve Property Value

    Parking lot and garage cleaning can help preserve the integrity and value of your commercial property. Studies show that pressure washing can boost a property’s value by up to 15%, and parking lot cleaning is no exception. 

    Prevent Long-Term Damage

    Lack of proper washing leads to the buildup of dirt, grease, oil stains, bacteria, and other contaminants in your parking lot and garage. These contaminants can penetrate the surface over time, causing it to peel away and lead to unsightly potholes. Our pressure washing services can eliminate these pollutants, preventing long-term damage to your concrete surfaces. 

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    Work was done in a timely and professional manner. I recommend them highly.
    Linda Timmons
    Linda Timmons
    Great availability. I was able to get a same day appointment! Thank you! A+
    Laura Shenfeld
    Laura Shenfeld
    David and his crew are very professional and knowledgeable. They did a fantastic job! I would definitely hire them again.
    Ginger Ailes
    Ginger Ailes
    Great customer service! The pressure washers were very nice as well, and did a great job! We even did a walkthrough at the end to make sure everything looked good! Thank you so much! Would use this service again!!!
    Emily Reimer
    Emily Reimer
    As New Again Pressure Washing just cleaned our house. driveway, and walk. They were on time, did a great job, and I can highly recommend them to all!
    James Bradshaw
    James Bradshaw
    Called to schedule pressure washing and they came out the same day I called. Guys I dealt with were super nice and they did a great job. Would use again.
    Michael Mims
    Michael Mims
    Excellent Job, backyard looks good as new👊💪
    May Richae'
    May Richae'

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