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    Few things stand out more than brick or stone pavers on a property. Unfortunately, given their vulnerability to coastal climates, your brick pavers can quickly lose their visual appeal.

    There’s no need to lose hope, though. You can still enjoy the classic beauty pavers add without worrying about cracks forming. Simply contact our experts at As New Again Pressure Washing for professional paver sealing services in St. Augustine.

    Premier Paver Sealing Services in St. Augustine

    For the most part, your pavers are quite durable. However, just like everything else, they have their weakness.

    In St. Augustine, FL, salty sea air is a major hindrance to your pavers’ longevity. Your once stunning paver surface can quickly become a shadow of itself. On top of that, there’s still the heavy foot traffic to consider.

    Usually, this would all be too much for your pavers to handle, but there is a silver lining. With concrete sealing, you can provide your pavers with the surface protection they need to withstand such brutal conditions.

    Why Choose As New Again Pressure Washing?

    Are you looking for quality paver sealing services in St. Augustine, FL? While there is no shortage of options to consider, you can never go wrong when you choose As New Again Pressure Washing.

    Our dedication to providing the best sealing solutions is evident in the number of happy clients we’ve happily served over the years. You can be one of them.

    Call us and enjoy:

    Cutting-edge sealing technology perfect for historic cities like St. Augustine, FL

    An unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction

    The detailed attention we bring to every sealing project

    Benefits of Our Paver Sealing Services

    Are you wondering how necessary paver sealing is? The short answer is extremely. Leaving your pavers unprotected promises to be one of the costliest mistakes you can make for your property.

    Paver sealing is a highly versatile service that you can use for patio restoration, driveway cleaning, and more. However, its versatility is just one of the many benefits it offers. You can also:

    Protect your pavers from St. Augustine’s coastal elements

    Enhance your pavers’ appearance

    Prevent stubborn stains from forming

    Waterproof your pavers

    Make maintenance much easier

    Our Comprehensive Paver Sealing Process

    Paver Sealing in Atlantic Beach, FL  

    It is common for some homeowners to go down the DIY sealing kit route. However, as ideal as this option might seem, it won’t deliver the quality results you desire. For that, you’ll need the effective sealing process we implement at As New Again Pressure Washing.

    You can trust our specialized equipment and industry-grade sealing solutions to leave your pavers as good as new.

    During the sealant application process, we:

    1. First, prepare the surface by thoroughly cleaning it
    2. Sand the pavers and fill in any gaps and cracks
    3. Apply a two-part paver sealant

    Discover St. Augustine

    St. Augustine is a city rich in history, but just because the city boasts a rich history doesn’t mean your pavers’ visual appeal has to be an ancient memory.

    Customer Reviews

    They were great, efficient, quick, and very polite and easy to work with. I recommend them as my service was rendered exactly as I requested. Thank you As New Again!
    Ivette Muniz
    Ivette Muniz
    David and his team stripped, cleaned, sanded and sealed our 10 year old pavers. They paid attention to the details and our patio and drive look like new. David cares and delivers great results.
    Douglas Moody
    Douglas Moody
    Fair prices and same day service. They do driveways, houses, roof, fencing, windows, awnings and even patio furniture! This is a company I recommend!!
    Aly Carlo
    Aly Carlo
    Very polite. Excellent customer service. Great quality job
    Richard Frerman
    Richard Frerman
    Outstanding service from a quality and professionally-led company. Dave Perez and the crew exceeded our expectations in the quality completion of our deck paver resand and reseal. Kudos to ANAPW.Christopher and Delia Cox
    Christopher Cox
    Christopher Cox
    Work was done in a timely and professional manner. I recommend them highly.
    Linda Timmons
    Linda Timmons
    David and his crew are very professional and knowledgeable. They did a fantastic job! I would definitely hire them again.
    Ginger Ailes
    Ginger Ailes

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