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    The windows of your home accumulate their fair amount of dirt over the years. Smudges, streaks, and fingerprints quickly accumulate on the inner surface. The outer surface of the window also builds up a filmy layer of grime over time. Contaminants in the dirt can also damage the window seal and cause condensation issues. This means you’ll have to spend more on home maintenance and heating. And this makes it difficult to see outside through your windows.

    Grimy windows might work well during Halloween. But you probably don’t want to maintain the haunted house look year-round, so you must regularly clean your windows. Who wants to spend their weekends cleaning windows? The time-consuming task is natural for homeowners to put off.

    With As New Again Pressure Washing, you don’t have to choose between clean windows and relaxing anymore. We offer residential window cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, at affordable prices. Call As New Again Pressure Washing today and find out just how affordable we are with your free estimate.


    Our Residential Window Cleaning Includes:

    • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
    • Windowsills
    • Chandeliers
    • Skylights
    • Solar Panels
    • Mirrors
    • Screens

    Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Windows

    Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    Keeping your home clean and tidy is one of the most important ways to increase curb appeal. Guests feel more at home when they see that your home and windows are clean. Should you want to sell your house, clean windows reassure potential buyers that you’ve taken good care of it.

    Serious buyers check for little signs that indicate you’ve been good at maintaining the property. They know to look beyond the new paint job and check for small things, like accumulated grime in the window corners.

    If you want the best possible price for your home, your presentation must be flawless. That means clearing out the clutter, washing the walls or repainting them, and ensuring that the windows are spotless.

    Extend the Life of Your Windows

    Dirt and debris, along with hard water, might be highly corrosive. The longer the dirt stays on the window, the more chance there is of:

    • Compromised weatherstripping
    • Metal frames corroding
    • Wooden frames losing their protective finish
    • Additional condensation and, consequently, mold

    Hiring a professional company like As New Again Pressure Washing saves you time and money by removing the contaminants before they do significant damage.

    Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

    What could dirt on the window possibly have to do with energy efficiency? A lot more than you might realize. Corrosive contaminants and decaying insects damage window seals. These damaged seals then allow air to leak in and out, making it harder to maintain a constant temperature. Your HVAC system has to work harder, and so your energy costs increase.

    Make sure your windows are in top shape by using our annual inspection and window cleaning services. Call As New Pressure Washing to have our expert technicians check the seals on your windows and then clean the dirt away.

    Why Choose As New Again Pressure Washing For Residential Window Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL?


    As New Again Pressure Washing has been serving the community for many years. We know what we’re doing. We guarantee your windows, whatever shape, size, or materials they are, will come out spotless. We work hard to wow every customer every time. Our technicians use up-to-date equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure the best results every time.


    Window cleaning can be time consuming. Most people have more important things to do. Hiring the professionals at As New Again Pressure Washing frees up your time so you can focus on more interesting things.

    Professional Equipment

    Does your home have a second or third floor? As New Again Pressure Washing has the tools and safety equipment to clean upper-level windows quickly and safely. We carefully choose our equipment based on your needs. We use a combination of ladders and extension poles to reach each square inch of the window, no matter the size. With our blend of experience, top-notch cleaning supplies, and the right equipment, including extension poles, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, squeegees, and ladders, your windows will gleam in next to no time.


    Without the proper window cleaning experience or equipment, you run risk of accident. For instance, even with most single-story homes, you’ll need a ladder to get to the top of the windows. Balancing on a ladder with a bucket of soapy suds can be risky. The water may slop out of the bucket making the ladder slippery. You might overreach and lose your balance. Call As New Again Pressure Washing to prevent damage to your home, yourself, and your family.

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    As New Again Pressure Washing will make your windows look new again. Our highly experienced team makes us Florida’s top choice for window cleaning service. Schedule your consultation for a free estimate today and experience the As New Again Pressure Washing service difference for yourself. We are a top rated pressure washing company in Jacksonville FL. 

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    Customer Reviews

    See what the community of Jacksonville says about our exterior cleaning services!

    Work was done in a timely and professional manner. I recommend them highly.
    Linda Timmons
    Linda Timmons
    15:09 11 Jan 23
    Great availability. I was able to get a same day appointment! Thank you! A+
    Laura Shenfeld
    Laura Shenfeld
    15:34 20 Dec 22
    David and his crew are very professional and knowledgeable. They did a fantastic job! I would definitely hire them again.
    Ginger Ailes
    Ginger Ailes
    15:47 27 Oct 22
    Great customer service! The pressure washers were very nice as well, and did a great job! We even did a walkthrough at the end to make sure everything looked good! Thank you so much! Would use this service again!!!
    Emily Reimer
    Emily Reimer
    12:25 19 Sep 22
    As New Again Pressure Washing just cleaned our house. driveway, and walk. They were on time, did a great job, and I can highly recommend them to all!
    James Bradshaw
    James Bradshaw
    17:39 30 Aug 22
    Called to schedule pressure washing and they came out the same day I called. Guys I dealt with were super nice and they did a great job. Would use again.
    Michael Mims
    Michael Mims
    20:01 24 Aug 22
    Excellent Job, backyard looks good as new👊💪
    May Richae'
    May Richae'
    19:38 24 Aug 22

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