Why You Should Seal New Pavers

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    Installing pavers is an easy way to add a decorative element to your outdoor space. Because pavers contain durable material, many homeowners don’t realize they need to seal their pavers to protect them. Sealing them right away will prevent all sorts of damage, including mold growth, which forms quickly in the warm, damp, Florida climate. 

    As New Again Pressure Washing provides paver sealing services to protect pavers from mold growth, sun exposure, and other damage. 

    Benefits of Sealing New Pavers 

    The harsh Florida sun beats down on your pavers from the moment you install them, quickly bleaching out their natural color. Sealing pavers along with the installation process prevents UV damage and helps the pavers look new longer.

    • Pavers in a driveway develop oil spots that develop into permanent stains. 
    • Weeds can grow through tiny cracks between the pavers, causing the cracks to grow.
    • Moss can grow on pavers and form a thick layer of grime in a few short weeks.
    • The joining compound between pavers is not as sturdy as the pavers themselves, and can start to wear away.

    Sealing pavers will prevent all of these types of damage and extend the life of your pavers.

    Cleaning Pavers Before Sealing 

    If your pavers are a few years old and were never sealed, it’s not too late. Paver sealing works for existing pavers with a little extra care from our team beforehand.

    When you have mold, weeds, and other bits of filth on your pavers, pressure washing can clean the area to prepare it for the sealing process. Our team can clean every nook and cranny to get your pavers as clean as possible before we seal them.

    Regular cleaning alone can help prevent minor damage, but cleaning and sealing together will completely revitalize the space. After we clean your pavers and apply sealant, the mold, and weeds won’t return to cause further damage.

    Customize Your Space With Sealant Options

    All sealants provide excellent protection for your pavers, but there are a couple of different finishes to choose from. 

    Matte Finish

    The matte finish maintains the natural look of the pavers. Once it dries, you won’t even know it’s there. It creates a non-slip surface for areas that tend to get wet, like pool decks. It’s perfect for homeowners who want to maintain a more natural look.

    Glossy Finish

    The glossy finish elevates the look of the pavers, making them almost look wet. The color is a little richer and it prevents permanent staining a little better than the matte finish.

    Reliable Paver Sealing Services Near You

    Sealing your new or existing pavers will keep them looking new. It will prevent weeds from growing between the pavers and it will allow you to rinse away oil stains before they seep into the pavers and form permanent stains. As New Again Pressure Washing provides expert paver sealing services. Call our team at 904-881-9743 for a free estimate.

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