Why Concrete Pavers Are the Superior Choice for Outdoor Spaces

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    As a homeowner, you most likely want the front of your home to look its best but simply don’t have the time or tools to give it the attention it needs. Of course, proper lawn care is an investment of money and energy, but if your busy schedule keeps you low on both, there’s another low-maintenance option to explore: concrete brick pavers.

    You can install these alternatives to intensive lawn care relatively cheaply and do so much faster than you’d care for your lawn. Paver sealing will protect your driveway or patio from unexpected rain showers and the hot Florida sun.

    While many varieties of pavers are available, we recommend installing concrete tiles to get the most bang for your buck.

    Benefits of Installing Concrete Pavers

    In addition to the usual advantages that pavers grant to your front lawn, concrete pavers offer homeowners several unique benefits that make them superior to other types of tiling, including:

    • Cost-Effectiveness: While installing pavers is undoubtedly cheaper than paying out of pocket for expensive lawn care, concrete tiles are the way to go for the most cost-effective lawn protection. In addition, concrete tends to be less costly than most paver alternatives while remaining a reliable material.
    • Resilience: Concrete is naturally durable, able to withstand a large amount of foot and vehicular traffic before losing effectiveness. With professional paver sealing, concrete tiles can last for up to 5 decades if the paver protection is appropriately maintained.
    • Easy Repairs: Even though pavers generally require less maintenance than regular lawn care, concrete is still the material of choice for residential and commercial buildings. Quality pavers made from concrete simply need a quick rinse and occasional re-leveling to keep them in shape.
    • More Aesthetic Choices: Reducing the amount of yard work you need to do and protecting specific parts of your lawn are the most critical functions of pavers; most homeowners will also consider style. Concrete pavers come in various shapes and sizes to easily match the home as a whole.

    Professional Paver Sealing and Installation

    Laying down a brick paver isn’t tricky, but complications can arise when putting on the paver sealant. Several mistakes can happen during the installation process, making your paver protection less effective or decreasing the finished product’s visual appeal.

    However, when installed correctly, your pavers can work as lifelong protection for your driveway or patio, preventing stains and environmental damage from outside elements. Fortunately, at As New Again Pressure Washing, we provide clients with quality paver sealing service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    Our contractors will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get pavers that match your style, withstand the harshest weather, and prove to be a cost-effective addition to your home.

    If you’re looking for expert concrete paver installation or maintenance in the Jacksonville area, call As New Again Pressure Washing at (904) 881-9743 to schedule your appointment today!

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