What is Power Washing?

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    You’ve probably heard the term “power washing,” but what exactly is it? There are many different options when it comes to cleaning exterior surfaces, and power washing is just one of them. It uses a pressurized water stream to remove all kinds of grime that make your home’s exterior look neglected. 

    Getting power washing services from As New Again Pressure Washing can maintain your home’s exterior and boost curb appeal.

    Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing 

    Many people use the two terms interchangeably, but there is a difference. 

    Both cleaning services use a high-pressure water stream to wash away dirt, pollen, and other grime. The main difference is that power washing uses heated water to clean areas with extensive staining and mold growth. The heat used in power washing effectively cleans gum off sidewalks and oil stains off driveways.

    Pressure washing service is typically strong enough for residential use. For large commercial spaces that get a lot of foot traffic, power washing is the most efficient way to clean the whole space.

    Areas That Benefit From Power Washing Services

    Larger areas of your home’s exterior like driveways and patios benefit the most from power washing. The heated water helps cleanse the area of the layer of algae and grime that forms on flat surfaces over time. If your power washing technician comes across an area with a particularly thick area of algae growth, they will use a brush to scrub the area clean before continuing with power washing.

    Power washing benefits commercial spaces the most. Cars driving through the parking lot every day bring in all sorts of loose debris that can act as sandpaper and wear away the asphalt. Oil drips onto the surface, creating stains and safety hazards. 

    Regular power washing keeps the area clean and gives a positive impression of your business.

    When To Hire a Professional Power Washing Service

    Some homeowners prefer to do their own home improvement projects and end up causing more damage than they started with. Some exterior surfaces are too delicate to withstand power washing and break down during the process. Professional power washers know how to identify delicate surfaces suitable for a gentler technique to clean them thoroughly while keeping them intact.

    Power washing your roof yourself could have expensive consequences. Asphalt shingles can’t withstand the highly pressurized water stream and could come loose or even fall off completely, opening the door for water leaks on your roof. A power washing technician will use a treatment called soft washing to cleanse the roof without hurting your shingles.

    Detailed Exterior Cleaning Service

    Power washing can remove algae buildup as well as mold, tree sap, and other bits of grime. It removes rust and helps maintain your home’s exterior, avoiding costly repairs. If your exterior has delicate surfaces, a professional will use soft washing to safely clean the area.

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