What Are Those Black Streaks on My Roof?

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    When algae grow on your roof, it creates black streaks as it grows and thrives. Black streaks on your roof are unsightly, but it’s more serious than just the way your roof looks. Algae can completely destroy your roof if you don’t take care of it fast enough.

    As New Again Pressure Washing provides a thorough roof cleaning service to remove algae and keep your roof in good shape. 

    Why Are Algae Streaks Black?

    Some homeowners assume black streaks are just dirt, and don’t realize the full scope of the situation. 

    If algae are green, why does it cause black streaks on the roof? As algae grow on your roof, it protects itself from UV damage by forming a protective shield, which creates black streaks. 

    Under the UV shield, algae thrive, causing damage to your roof until you invest in a soft washing service to have it removed. 

    How Does Algae Lead to Roof Damage?

    Algae are airborne, so if you see it growing on another house in your neighborhood, it won’t be long before it ends up on your roof. Algae thrive by eating the limestone used on asphalt roofs. As it feeds, it loosens the shingles and creates space for water damage and mold growth.

    Removing algae will extend the life of your roof and could prevent structural damage caused by a water leak. When a roof sustains damage, it can no longer help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, causing utility bills to spike. Mold growth on the roof can quickly move inside, causing serious health problems.

    As algae grow, so does moss, which can take root and grow right through your shingles and into the structure of your home. By that time, you will need more than a simple pressure-washing treatment to repair the damage.

    Treating Algae Growth

    An appropriate pressure washing is the best choice for cleaning your roof. Asphalt roofs are delicate and can become damaged from amateur pressure washing. A professional will use a roof cleaning process called soft washing to safely remove algae, mold, and other contaminants. 

    During soft washing, a technician applies a cleaning solution to the roof. After it soaks in for a few minutes, the technician will use a gentle water spray to clean the roof without causing any damage, restoring the natural color of your roof.

    Investing in roof cleaning will increase curb appeal. It will also reduce the chance of injury if you try to clean your roof yourself.

    Explore Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning Service

    If your roof has black streaks, it’s best to remove them before they grow and cause permanent damage. Algae can eat away at your roof, opening the door for water damage and bigger problems like mold growth. Ignoring algae on your roof could end up costing you thousands in roof repair costs. 

    As New Again Pressure Washing provides professional soft-wash roof cleaning services to remove algae without damaging shingles. Call our team at 904-881-9743 to schedule a service.

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