Ways Pressure Washing Can Help Your Home for the Winter

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    As temperatures drop you must winterize your home as much as possible. You want to prevent damage during the winter, find damage incurred during the hurricane season, and improve the look of the house before it gets too cold.

    Pressure washing is a simple way to winterize your home, and it takes less than a day to complete. Consider getting your home ready for the winter season, improving the property, and avoiding additional expenses in the future.

    Adding to the Home’s Value

    Your home’s value rises when it looks good. While winter is not a season for home selling, you want property values to remain high when inspectors and appraisers pass through the area.

    Even if you do not plan to sell this year, you can prevent debris build-up around the property. It becomes increasingly more difficult to clean the house and regain value when you put off cleaning services for the exterior.

    Improving Curb Appeal

    The winter season doesn’t allow you to plant flowers and draw attention to your home. The dreary weather during this time of year makes your home look less inviting and dirty.

    While you may not plan to sell during the winter, your neighbors also gain value from your home. If you have a nice-looking house in the neighborhood, you’ll gain respect from your neighbors, and your home will become a more enjoyable place to live.

    Avoiding Driveway Damage

    Your driveway often suffers from oil, gas, chemical, and dirt stains. A pressure washer uses a special brush to scrub the surface clean, preventing stains from setting in.

    Leaving debris, oil, gas, or stains on the driveway can lead to sinkholes, potholes, cracks, and even issues with your home’s stability. For example, a damaged driveway could pull away from the house, separate the garage from the rest of the structure, or crack the foundation. While sweeping your driveway and scrubbing small stains helps, pressure washing keeps the property safe for everyone to visit.

    Keeping Fencing, Siding, & Wood in Good Condition

    Fencing, siding, and wood around your property cannot be left to rot in the winter. Cleaning these surfaces prevents cracks or breakage, and pressure washing can also expose damage you might not notice otherwise. If the paint chips, you should consider repainting the exterior. Leaving pollen or dirt on these surfaces year after year will result in stains that require repainting in the spring.

    The same is true if you find damage in the support posts for your deck. You won’t be able to safely use the deck without completing these repairs, and you can’t sell your house if it is not safe or does not pass inspection.

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