Ways Gutter Cleaning Can Boost Your Home’s Lifespan

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    At As New Again Pressure Washing, our technicians entertain hundreds of questions from curious residents and business owners about gutter cleaning services every year. They want to learn about the benefits of hiring pressure cleaning companies to sanitize gutter guards, roofs, and exterior sidings. They are also curious about which cleaning solutions our professionals use and how we avoid killing surrounding plant life when clearing clogged gutters.

    In this explainer, our licensed technicians will detail three benefits of professional gutter cleaning and why hundreds of property managers and residents regularly request it in our community, the Jacksonville area. If you require more detailed information, contact our five-star customer service hotline, and we will give you a free consultation.

    Regular Gutter Cleaning Protects Landscaping Fixtures from Floods and Fungi

    Hiring landscapers to remodel your garden, yard, or deck after an adverse weather event can cost you thousands of dollars, especially when they have to repair water damage from flooding. Regularly cleaning your gutter will ensure that your roof has efficient drainages that will stop rainwater from spilling onto the surrounding ground.

    Market research from insurance companies reveals that over 14,000 residential properties in America experience some form of water damage daily. Prevent your home or commercial structure from becoming part of this statistic by hiring an exterior cleaning company with experience in gutter cleaning services.

    Gutter Cleaning Prevents Flooded Basements and Damaged Foundations

    Research data from iProperty Management estimates that 98% of residential basements in America will experience some form of flooding in their lifetime, and not always from a severe weather event. Basement flooding can result from backed-up sewer lines, brace malfunctions, and improper drainage, but many cases originate from waterlogged soil from clogged gutters.

    Seepage might also destroy your foundation as the water expands when it freezes during winter, causing creases and cracks in what is otherwise an intact concrete structure. Foundation repair might entail weeks of work and thousands of dollars in remodeling expenses. Many contractors recommend that you clean your gutters at least twice a year, which should only cost a couple of hundred dollars, instead of remediating a flooded basement or cracked foundation, which can cost as much as a second mortgage.

    Gutter Cleaning Prevents Insects, Fungus, and Other Pests from Invading Your Home

    The accumulation of leaves on your downspouts, corner joints, and roof shingles might cause insects and small birds to invade the upper floors of your home. Our technicians have decades of combined professional experience eradicating pests that live inside clogged gutters.

    Many roofs become home to hornets, bees, and wasps that cause life-threatening allergic reactions. If your home is near a tree line, you might notice chipmunks, squirrels, and other rodents infesting your gutters. Stillwater inside gutters will also attract insects like termites, ants, and mosquitoes, which can cause disease and structural damage to your home.

    Call Our Experts for Professional Gutter Cleaning

    Call our technicians at As New Again Pressure Washing for cost-efficient and high-quality gutter cleaning service. Hundreds of business owners and residents recommend our company for five-star customer service. Contact us at 904-881-9743, and we will provide you with a free consultation.

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