Tips to Avoid Paver Sealer Disaster

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    From patios to garden pathways, pavers add an attractive, classic look to any home. However, to extend the life of the paver surfaces and avoid staining and cracking, applying the appropriate sealant is essential. Leaving pavers unsealed exposes them to the elements, causing them to deteriorate, discolor, and loosen. Keeping your pavers in top shape and preserving their appearance requires applying a sealant, but sealing pavers incorrectly may end in disaster. For the best paver sealing results, we recommend getting in touch with a trusted paver sealing service provider in your area to help extend the life of your pavers and keep them looking beautiful with a professional sealant application.

    Using The Right Sealant

    If you’re thinking of sealing your pavers yourself, purchasing the correct sealant is a vital first step. Home improvement stores offer a variety of options, so choosing the right one might seem overwhelming. However, using the wrong sealant on your pavers may offer subpar results. As with anything, quality is worth the extra cost, and the right sealant provides both protection and aesthetics. Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of the shelf life of the sealant. Most sealants last about 12-18 months when carefully stored in a cool area away from sunlight.

    Letting The Professionals Take Over

    On the surface, paver sealing may seem as easy as applying a coat of paint to an interior wall. But achieving the clean, finished look you desire requires the expertise of a trained and experienced paver sealing technician. At As New Again Pressure Washing, our paver sealing experts know the ins and outs of the art of paver sealing. From knowing how to operate the sprayer and its attachments, to making sure you’re applying a uniform coat of sealant, the average homeowner isn’t equipped to do the job. The experts at As New Again Pressure Washing know exactly what they’re doing, saving you both time and money with our quick and efficient sealing services.

    Avoiding Overapplication Of Sealant

    One of the most common mistakes made by DIY paver sealers is an overapplying sealer. Just like when you paint a wall, applying too much paint makes for an uneven and messy result, with drips and inconsistent coverage. If you see puddles of sealant while you’re working, it’s obvious you’ve used too much. However, you may not notice the other signs of over-application until it’s too late. Bubbles or white stains on the finished pavers signal the overapplication of sealant. This damage is permanent and may require a costly replacement. You may also notice overlapping lines or color variations, another sign of too much sealant. But with our paver sealing services, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know that your paver sealing is a job done right the first time.

    As New Again Pressure Washing | Top-Quality Paver Sealing

    At As New Again Pressure Washing, we only use state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality supplies. We’ve perfected our technique, and our methods make completing any paver sealing project in and around Jacksonville, FL, as quick and hassle-free as possible, without sacrificing quality. Call us today at 904-881-9743 to schedule a free estimate on our paver sealing services. Let our experts take the work off your to-do list.

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