Tips on How to Maintain Your Pavers After They’ve Been Sealed

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    Have you considered the benefits of sealing your pavers properly? It vastly improves the appearance of your concrete pavers while protecting them from the elements for years to come. However, while the water-based sealant that experts use is durable, proper care can maximize your investment. 

    After discussing the things to do before sealing your pavers, here, As New Again Pressure Washing once again provide expert advice on how to clean your pavers after you seal them.

    Sweep Regularly

    Sweeping the paver surface daily removes dust and grit that can dull the shine. It also prevents foot traffic from grinding into the surface and scratching off the sealant layer. Otherwise, the dirt collects in the sand joints, and grime builds quickly.

    Rinse Once a Week

    Hosing down pool decks and other surfaces once a week can help preserve the sealant on your pavers. However, experts don’t recommend using a strong pressure washer because the high pressure might damage the surface. Also, if you have a problem with mildew or mold, it is better to use the garden hose for cleaning on very hot days to ensure the paving dries properly. 

    Clean Up Spills Quickly

    One of the benefits of sealants is that they repel liquids, so they don’t stain easily. However, spills left to bake in will be much harder to clean later. Handle spills as soon as possible to avoid issues.

    Use a Purpose-Built Cleaner

    Professional contractors recommend a purpose-built cleaning agent or neutral cleanser for stubborn grime. If hot water isn’t enough to remove marks, use the cleaning agent along with a soft brush. Don’t use any cleaners with abrasive elements, though.

    Homeowners and businesses can use this cleaning agent with hot water on pavers once a month (more when necessary).

    Touch Up Small Scratches or Gouges

    Experts recommend that property owners repair scratches as soon as possible. Consider an epoxy polish to buff out scratches. However, if the problem is more severe, like broken paving, you may need a patch kit. 

    Replace the broken paver and touch up the water-based sealant. If you carefully prepare the surface and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you won’t notice the patch. However, if the damage is extensive, it is better to call for help from a local paver sealing professional to either repair the paver or reseal it.

    Call the Professionals

    Once or twice a year, homeowners should treat their paving to a professional deep clean. The ideal time of year is in early spring so that the cleaning can prevent mold spores and algae from establishing a foothold. Experts like As New Again Pressure Washing also recommend a session in early fall to remove any accumulated dirt and pollen after the summer.

    Have the Appropriate Paver Cleaning Services

    As New Again Pressure Washing is your go-to specialist for exterior cleaning in the area. Our team uses top-of-the-line equipment and environmentally friendly supplies to deliver the best results for cleaning your pavers. Schedule our affordable services and watch us transform your sealed paving to its original luster.

    Call As New Again Pressure Washing at (904) 881-9743 today for a free estimate on top-notch paver sealing and maintenance services.

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