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    Concrete pavers are an excellent way for homeowners to increase the aesthetic appeal of their homes without breaking the bank. Paver tiles come in various styles and colors that enable them to match the style of any home; however, while concrete pavers are durable, the harsh Florida environment can degrade them, making them crack, stain, and lose color over time.

    Pavers’ exposure to inclement weather and extreme temperatures makes deterioration challenging to avoid. Fortunately, paver sealing can keep your driveway or patio secure. In addition, applying sealant between the cracks in your tiles ensures that the finished product can last for years to come with only minimal maintenance, helping to protect your investment.

    What To Do Before the Sealing Process

    Applying sealant is a relatively simple process, but there are several steps that you’ll want to perform before starting the job in earnest. These steps will ensure that your sealant is laid down to the best of your ability and provide the maximum amount of paver protection.

    Review Paver Specifications

    There are many different types of pavers available for homeowners to purchase and just as many sealants. Because of the large number of sealing products, it’s essential to determine which ones will work best for your driveway or patio before applying them to your patio or pool deck.

    The best way to find information on your pavers is to contact the manufacturer or look them up online. Not only can they tell you which sealants work best for their tiles, but they can also tell you when you should perform paver repairs.

    Double Check the Weather Forecast

    Weather conditions can significantly impact the process of paver sealing and you’ll want to keep a close eye on the weekly forecast to ensure an optimal environment. The general rule of thumb is to avoid applying sealant 24 hours before or after it rains; additionally, applying a sealant in extreme heat can also cause problems. The general rule of thumb is only to perform the job on 60 – 80 degree days.

    Clean the Area

    Thoroughly cleaning the area that needs paver protection is likely the most crucial step to installing sealant. Removing stains, loose gravel, and sea salt ensures that you can apply the sealant evenly across your pavers, guaranteeing uniform protection.

    Expert Paver Sealing Services

    As you can see from the points above, while applying sealant is simple, there are many factors that you need to keep track of to keep your brick pavers adequately protected.

    However, hiring our professional contractors here at As New Again Pressure Washing to thoroughly seal your pavers assures excellent quality paver services. We know that you want every part of your home to look its best, and we’re prepared to use our expansive knowledge of home repairs and years of hands-on experience to make sure your pavers are protected.

    For expert paver sealing in Florida, contact As New Again Pressure Washing at (904) 881-9743 and schedule your appointment today!

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