Things to Consider About DIY Roof Cleaning

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    We all understand the importance of regular roof cleaning. The benefits extend beyond the aesthetic value of a clean roof; it can improve the roofing materials’ longevity and preserve the structural integrity of your house—but only if you use the right soft washing technique and cleaning solutions. 

    In this post, As New Again Pressure Washing looks at what you should consider before attempting DIY roof cleaning. 

    Why Is DIY Roof Cleaning A Bad Idea? 

    It’s tempting to buy a pressure washer to clean the roof regularly. If you watch professional roof cleaning services, they make it look easy. What you may not realize, however, is that it takes quite a bit of practice for pros to work with such ease. 

    When you’re dealing with delicate roofing material, the cost of making a mistake is steep. Simply pointing and shooting the water spray can damage the waterproofing layer, crack tiles, or warp shingles. 

    Some Jobs Are Easier Than Others

    All houses have different requirements; some have a more intricate roof structure that features gabled windows, steep slopes, and strange little corners. Taking on this as a DIY project is complex because you must know how to handle these quirks safely while cleaning efficiently.

    Soft Washing Techniques

    If you watch the roof cleaning experts at work, it’s easy to assume they’re using a powerful pressure-washing technique for roof cleaning. However, they are probably rinsing the roof using the lowest possible setting.

    Professionals today use environmentally-friendly chemicals to lift dirt and kill organic matter. The team then washes off the residue using light pressure. This soft-washing method is usually the preferable technique for cleaning roofs because it is gentler.

    However, it is not suitable for all roofs as the chemicals might contain corrosive agents. Experts are in the best position to determine which cleaning solution to use.

    The Algae Nightmare

    Roof algae is an issue that is difficult to cure. It leaves horrible black streaks on your roof that absorbs heat, causing hot spots on the roof. This can, in turn, increase your electricity bill. 

    Removing the algae is difficult because it can work its way under the roof material. Sometimes spraying away the algae exacerbates the issue because the water causes the spores to spread even more. 

    Why Rely on the Experts?

    Roof cleaning is a big undertaking with high stakes. Apply too much pressure in the wrong place, and you could punch a hole in the materials. Worse yet, you can cause extensive damage without even realizing it by stripping the waterproofing layer of shingles. 

    At best, you’re looking at expensive repairs; at worst, you’ll end up paying for a new roof. While your insurer might pay for this under normal circumstances, they will likely decline your claim when you admit that you were the one cleaning the roof. 

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