Should You Pressure Wash Your Home Before Selling?

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    The primary catalyst for selling a home is curb appeal, as buyers look for visual clues to the home’s potential from the second they arrive. Some investors are willing to take on renovations, but most people want a place that’s move-in ready and feels like value for money.

    The average home buyer wants a property that is clean, neat, and well-maintained. In this game, first impressions count. Homeowners also earn points by tidying the yard and fixing the home’s exterior.

    Calling in a professional garden service or spending a weekend in the yard is often sufficient, and cracked windows or weatherproofing is easy to fix. A touch of paint on the sills also does wonders for the face value, but most homeowners are reluctant to take the process further.

    Repainting a home or replacing siding is a massive undertaking, especially as a DIY project. There’s a far simpler option for those who want to spruce up a home before selling it: pressure washing. It has phenomenal results on house walls, roofs, paving, decks, and driveways, and it is affordable, too. So make sure to often get a pressure washing service from a professional.

    It’s All About Looks

    Dirt accumulates on the house walls, dulling the finish. If left for extended periods, the streaks and embedded muck make the home look dreary and unkempt—hardly an inviting prospect for a buyer.

    Pressure washing quickly removes the dirty film to reveal the bright and friendly surface underneath, revitalizing the appeal with minimal effort.

    Potential home buyers are also quick to notice signs of mold or mildew on any surface. There is nothing that effectively quells potential offers like those telltale streaks, even if it’s only in one small area of the home.

    It is also easy to forget about the roof in your rush to prepare your home for a sale, but it is also the one area that is glaringly obvious as a potential buyer pulls up outside. Dirt and algae cause discoloration on the roof that makes the surface look patchy and old. It’s another indicator that shuts down sales because no buyer wants to replace a roof soon after acquiring a new property.

    Pressure washing effectively removes mold, mildew, algae, and dirt from the roof and walls. Your property transforms with a quick power washing session, and that’s not the only benefit.

    Beautiful Decks, Fencing, Paving, and Driveways

    It is easy for homeowners to neglect cleaning in areas that blend into the background. Few people spend their free time scrubbing fences or paving, which is why hiring a professional pressure washing team is so appealing.

    Power washing tools are easy to source, and homeowners may see this as an opportunity to save money. However, they seldom realize the risk of damage or injury exacted by these powerful pressure washing machines.

    A power washer blasts anything in its path, and it easily warps siding, chips concrete, strips paint and gouges wood. The correct amount of pressure is a delicate balancing act that requires an expert touch.

    Pressure Washing Professionals: Get the Best Price for Your Home

    As New Again Pressure Washing uses a combination of techniques to remove mold or mildew, algae, dirt, and grime. You will enjoy new walls, a restored roof, bright paving, fences, and driveways, and a fair chance to sell your home profitably.

    Hiring the As New Again Pressure Washing team pays big dividends. We also offer a free estimates on all pressure washing services in Jacksonville, FL, and the nearby areas. Call us today for more details.

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