7 Things Never to Do When Pressure Washing Your Home

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    Today, pressure washing is a common sight. More and more homeowners are turning to power washers to clean surfaces and remove stubborn dirt. Watching the professionals, it seems like such a simple task. 

    Our experts at As New Again Pressure Washing would like to give DIY enthusiasts a warning. Pressure washers are powerful machines that require experience to wield. If you do decide to pressure wash your home, the following are seven things you should never do: 

    Disregard Safety Procedures

    If you watch a pro team, you’ll notice they all wear safety glasses, safety boots, gloves, and long sleeves. They also remove portable items that the spray might dislodge and seal off any outlets. This may seem unnecessary until that spray blows back onto you and lacerates your skin. 

    Use Too Much Pressure  

    Many people are surprised to learn that we use our commercial pressure washer on the lower settings. Using the higher settings risks damage to the surface we’re cleaning. What’s more, it’s seldom a matter of not applying enough pressure but rather that you’re using the wrong technique. 

    Use a Tight Cleaning Pattern

    It makes sense to focus on a small area to exert the maximum cleaning power. However, this results in you applying too much pressure, risking damage or blowback. Stand back and use even, wide strokes instead. This allows you to get a feel for pressure washing, without damaging the surface or hurting yourself. 

    Spray into a Corner

    Spraying into a corner is a sure way to have the full spray blow back onto you. The angle concentrates the spray’s power, making it even more intense, and the water must go somewhere. The best outcome is wet clothes; the worst is a trip to the emergency room.

    Use even strokes on each side, avoiding concentrating the spray in the center. 

    Rely Only on Water and Pressure

    A pro tip is to let a cleaning solution do the heavy lifting for you. Depending on how much dirt there is, you may need to dilute the detergent by half using tap water. Many homeowners think all they need is water and make the mistake of increasing the water pressure and blasting the surface. 

    Clean the Windows First  

    This is a mistake almost every rookie technician makes their first time out. However, if you clean the windows first, you’ll have to clean them again because any debris from the siding will inevitably wash over the glass. 

    Forget About Electricity

    Electricity and water don’t mix well. Professionals take the time to carefully seal off outlets and other electrical wiring with tape before they begin. You might feel like the outlet is out of the field of spray, but water can go almost anywhere during cleaning. 

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