Questions to Ask Power Washing Companies Before Hiring Them

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    Power washing is a competitive business, and a professional exterior cleaning service is far superior to DIY projects. If you consider the potential damages involved with these powerful tools, choosing a reliable and experienced power washing company is crucial to safeguarding your home and possessions.

    Four Questions For Your Power Washing Professionals

    Applying too much pressure in the wrong area may cause structural damage, drive water into the foundation, crack concrete, etch wood, or shatter glass. Before you hire a power washing company, you should ask the following questions:

    1. Do You Have Certified Technicians?

    Industrial pressure washers are extremely powerful, and putting a hand in front of the jet for a few seconds may warrant a trip to the emergency room, so imagine the potential damage of a constant barrage on the surfaces in your home.

    Professional certification ensures that our team members train to use these tools correctly. We also ensure that each certificate is up to date as we adapt to new technology.

    2. Is Your Company Insured?

    A highly-experienced power washing firm will take all the necessary precautions to prevent damage and injury, but we also plan for unexpected incidents. A company that is adequately insured cares about its clients and employees.

    You should also delve into the terms of the insurance—if the firm damages any of your property, who pays the bill? What if a worker hurts themselves on duty?

    A reliable firm will be happy to explain the insurance terms and ensure that clients are not held liable for accidents or damage.

    3. Do You Offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed?

    The company should be willing to work until the client is happy with the finished product. Before signing a contract, ask:

    • What to do if you are not happy with the results
    • What results to expect in the agreed timeframe

    4. What Cleaning Agents Do You Use?

    The choice of detergents says a lot about the company. Ask about cleaners that wash off mold, mildew, and algae, but that also deal with spores. If the area has a particularly virulent strain of these organisms, the cleaning agent must be up to the task.

    We encourage our clients to further inquire about the chemicals within the detergent because when the team power washes away the dirt, the residual cleaning agent soaks into the water table. The best solutions include biodegradable formulas without harmful agents.

    5. Professional Associations

    You can also ask power washing companies about the following indications of skill or experience:

    • Better Business Bureau rating: Clients should look for accredited firms with an A+ rating.
    • The jobs the company has finished: The more experienced the firm is, the better.
    • The firm’s establishment: A firm with experience is unlikely to be a fly-by-night scammer.
    • Professional associations: Is the firm a member of any professional associations? If so, the organization holds them to a higher standard than the average power washing company.

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