Projects That Benefit From Pressure Washing Services

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    Pressure washing isn’t just for cleaning the exterior surfaces of residential and commercial buildings. 

    You can use a pressure washer for spring cleaning to effectively remove accumulated dirt and grime indoors, outdoors, and even on movable assets such as furniture and cars.

    We examine these versatile pressure washing services applicable to your home or your business.

    6 Projects That Benefit from Pressure Washing

    Homes Siding and Exterior Surfaces Restoration

    Washing your home’s exterior is the most common application of pressure washing as it adds instant curb appeal to your property. This process effectively removes dirt and grime from your home’s roof, siding, gutters, and other exposed surfaces.

    To avoid damage, professionals will use a soft washing method on your roof and other sensitive areas such as newly laid concrete and vinyl siding.

    Making Windows Squeaky Clean

    In most cases, washing your windows with soapy water and hosing them down with water from a garden hose is enough to get them clean. Once in a while, you can hire a notable pressure washing company that uses a soft pressure washing technique to remove accumulated dirt and grime from the exterior surfaces of your windows.

    This is especially useful if you can’t reach your windows with a scrubber on a telescopic pole. Pressure washing out-of-reach windows is also safer than climbing a ladder to clean your windows.

    Garage Floor and Driveway Cleaning

    Your garage floor and driveway could also benefit from regular pressure washing. Before beginning the process, remember to sweep away any dirt from the surface first and soak up oil and grease with cat litter. Also, never pressure wash concrete less than three years old using the high-pressure method.

    Prep Your Decks and Siding for Refinishing

    Pressure washing is also ideal when preparing various surfaces for repainting and staining. These surfaces include wood siding, vinyl siding, decks, patios, and stucco. The advantage pressure washing offers is that it reduces the time needed to get the surface ready, which would take significantly longer if done by hand.

    Clean Outdoor Patio Furniture

    Remember to try out pressure washing on your outdoor patio furniture as part of your spring cleaning regime. These outdoor pieces of furniture accumulate dirt, pollen, cobwebs, soot, and even bird droppings over time.

    Pressure washing allows you to get your furniture clean without the need for harsh chemicals or added elbow grease.

    Clean Your Car and Its Accessories

    Finally, why not wash down your car, boat, trailer, RV, or camper with a power washer compatible with attachments for washing vehicles? You’ll get a clean vehicle in no time at all and without using harsh detergents that cause damage to your driveway, flowerbeds, and pets.

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