Professional vs. DIY Pressure Washing for Commercial Property

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    What are the benefits of finding reliable professionals to conduct pressure washing services? The most obvious one is that the company will always have access to an affordable service to keep commercial and residential properties clean for any season. Upkeep for a business is not as simple as for a residential property, and relying on professionals is a great way to save time and money long-term.

    The exterior cleaning services of As New Again Pressure Washing is an excellent choice for any home and business that is looking to restore its original sparkle without breaking the bank. Our team offers efficient and reliable services at unbeatable rates, but there are many other benefits to using our professional services in our community.

    When DIY Pressure Washing Is Helpful

    Before we go into the professional options on offer, it is important to acknowledge that there might be times when you could manage a small pressure washing job on your own. For example, if you only have a small area with materials that are not sensitive to high pressure, the right equipment could make a big difference. It might even be possible to rent the tools you need so that you can do the job on the same day.

    However, DIY pressure washing jobs also come with risks, especially for bigger projects like pressure washing for commercial establishments. Insurance may not cover the inevitable damages that come with inexperienced employees working with high-pressure equipment, not to mention the replacement or resurfacing costs that are sure to follow. Professional work is quicker, and a team like us at As New Again Pressure Washing knows the just right techniques to remove grime from the driveway, sidewalk, and any other exterior surfaces.

    Professional Pressure Washing Pros and Cons

    When it comes to commercial buildings, we recommend hiring a professional pressure washing company for several reasons:

    • Time and effort. The size of a commercial job takes a lot of time and effort—hiring professionals minimizes the energy it takes for amazing results and completes the job properly.
    • Larger structures have hard-to-reach areas that will not be easily accessible with DIY pressure washing. Tackling building washing or roof cleaning with a small power washer is an exercise in futility and could risk damage to the building or, worse, injuries to an inexperienced person.
    • Commercial jobs almost always require an industrial-type pressure washer with a long hose and a powerful blast to reach all areas and offer pressure adjustments to avoid damage. If the work includes harnesses and ropes, a pressure washing company like As New Again can handle it.
    • Hiring a professional power washing company prevents unnecessary accidents. Professionals have training, equipment, insurance, certification, and experience, a winning combination.

    Professional pressure washing services also bring the added benefit of commercial-strength cleaners. For example, garages and sheds frequently have oil and grime buildup that a small power washer cannot remove. A certified company will also know how to prevent cleaning chemicals from flowing into your critical drainage pipes, which could contaminate the town’s water supply.

    Make Your Property Shine As New Again

    Businesses in Jacksonville can benefit immensely from our cost-effective professional pressure washing service. And we are proud to say that we’ve served our community since 2003.

    Call us today for a free estimate on all commercial work with As New Again Pressure Washing.

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