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Paved spaces are exposed to various elements throughout the year which means that the pavers, themselves, are put through a rigorous test in the environment. Depending on the paver placement, such as the driveway or patio, high foot traffic or vehicles can take a toll on the pavers’ condition, integrity, and appearance. Over time and without paver sealing in Jacksonville FL, pavers can easily become damaged and lackluster, which significantly impacts the overall curb appeal and aesthetics of the entire property.

Sure, many paver manufacturers say it isn’t absolutely necessary to seal your pavers, but there are some perks that make it a compelling option. As New Again Pressure Washing offers these 6 reasons why it is important to seal your pavers:

  1. Professional and Visually Appealing Appearance

Sealing porous pavers preserves their integrity, while also enhancing their appearance. This equates to better curb appeal and a smoother paved surface that does not prematurely deteriorate in the elements. Want a property to simply look better? Seal pavers!

  1. Prevent Stains

Since some paver material is porous, it can be difficult to remove stubborn stains- like oil- from the paved surface. Oil, grease, or grimes can be absorbed by porous pavers, which makes it prudent to seal the pavers first. This prevents stains from being absorbed and subsequently set-in to your paved surfaces and spaces.

  1. Inhibit Cracks and Weed Growth

Another perk of sealing pavers is a reduction of weeds. When pavers are sealed, they are less likely to loosen and develop cracks, which can contribute to weed and grass growth. By preventing weeds with the opportunity to grow, homeowners will have less labor associated with keeping their landscapes maintained. 

  1. Easier Maintenance and Property Care

It is a whole lot easier to maintain and take care of paved surfaces when they are sealed; consider the sealant to be a top layer of protection that shields the property against things like snow and rain. Plus, this creates a durable and resilient surface that will hold up to wear and tear such as snow shoveling, landscaping, and de-icing. 

  1. Deters Ants and Other Insects

Want fewer pests and bugs? Sealing pavers prevents ants and other pests from creating a home within these appealing spaces. Typically, insects look for cracks and crevices to call home- get rid of these crannies, and you will drive off potential pest issues. Sealed pavers don’t expand due to moisture, like rain and snow, so they are inherently less appealing to bugs and pests.

  1. Longer Lasting Pavers

Finally, sealing pavers simply makes them last longer- which saves money over time. Sealing will reduce the effect of deterioration and how fast the pavers deteriorate.  

Consider these many advantages of sealing pavers and work with professionals in the area to address your pavers and exterior surfaces.  From curb appeal to safety, paving sealers makes sense.

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