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Prepping for Spring Showers with Gutter Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

Winter on the First Coast will not cover your house in snow, but it can clog your gutters up with plenty of dead leaves. The leaves that cling stubbornly to your trees during the mild autumn give up the ghost during the coldest weeks of the year, creating a “snowfall” that stuffs your gutters full of decaying leaves. When winters are especially mild, you may even see pollen appearing early in the year, adding to your gutter clogs.

Make sure you’re ready for the rainy spring by scheduling gutter cleaning in Jacksonville, FL. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble by proactively clearing out your gutter system before a severe clog can occur.

Why You Need a Free-Flowing Gutter System

Gutters play an essential role in protecting your property. They divert water away from your siding, windows, doors, and foundation and redirect it to a safe spot. Without this diversion, you could face unsightly and costly damage like foundation cracking, landscape erosion, mold growth, and more. Since the First Coast is famous for heavy rain in the spring and summer, Jacksonville homes need to have a reliable gutter system.

However, gutters can only perform their duty when water flows through them smoothly. Without routine gutter cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, a clog may form, forcing water to overflow onto your soffit and fascia and pool around your foundation. Likewise, clogged gutter might sag and pull away from your house, causing unnecessary damage.

Most experts recommend that you receive gutter cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, at least twice a year to prevent clogs caused by dead leaves, bird nests, and other debris. However, if you have a tree on your property that produces a lot of leaves that find their way into your gutters, you should consider cleaning your gutter system more often.