Preparing Your Home for Pressure Washing

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    At As New Again Pressure Washing, we pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and superior results, but there are a few things you can do before we arrive to help streamline the cleaning process and ensure your property, pets, and kids stay safe. Here’s how to prepare your home before starting the pressure washing process:

    Make Sure Any Windows, Doors, and Other Openings Are Sealed

    Shut and lock any doors or windows and verify they have a good tight seal. If there are any gaps, consider blocking them with a towel or other barrier to ensure no moisture makes it inside your home. While the exterior cleaning crew will take care to look out for cracks or damage in your siding or roof during the pressure cleaning process, it’s also helpful to discuss if you know of any exterior damage when working with professionals.

    Put Away Portable and Loose Items

    As we power wash your home, water spray, dirt, debris, and potentially even small flecks of paint may fly in unexpected directions. We recommend moving any patio furniture, plants, or decorative items away from the area being cleaned. You’ll also want to move your car, even if we won’t be cleaning your driveway or sidewalks where it’s parked.

    We use eco-friendly solutions that won’t hurt your landscaping and will take care to avoid plant life, but if you have any in movable pots, it can make things easier on our crew to move those clear of the area as well. The high-pressure spray from our power washers can easily cut through leaves and branches.

    Protect Exterior Outlets

    It is never a good idea to mix water and electricity. Many outdoor outlets feature a protective door to keep rainwater out. However, if yours don’t, be sure to cover all exterior outlets. It’s fine just to cover them in a layer of duct tape. We won’t be spraying directly at them—our experts adhere to the strictest safety guidelines in the industry.

    It’s also best to stow away extension cords, power cables, outdoor speakers, or anything else that runs on electricity. If you have an exterior security system with cameras that are less than obvious, please let us know.

    Protect Children and Pets During the Cleaning

    Our pressure washers can push out over 6,000 PSI of pressure and cause serious injury to pets and children if left unattended. Again, we take extreme safety measures, but a pet or child unexpectedly darting out a door or sticking their head out a window could prove disastrous.

    Due to this potential danger, we recommend keeping children and pets occupied during the pressure washing process. Often, it’s easiest to just go for a nice visit to the park! It won’t take us long to get the job done.

    Have You Scheduled A Pressure Washing Service Yet?

    If you’re just doing your research and haven’t hired a pressure washing company for the job yet, we’re happy to help. At As New Again Pressure Washing, we offer the highest-quality pressure washing service in our area! Reach out to our team at (904) 881-9743 to get started.

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