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Paver Sealing in Jacksonville, FL

Our Experts scrub down pavers and driveways, we use only the best in advanced commercial-grade pressure washing equipment, We get down and dirty so you don't have to. Our experts can even re-sand and seal your pavers. 

Pavers are cleaned with hydro scrubbers to allow an even clean, this is a 2 day process. We clean the pavers on the first day and on the second we come back to sand and seal the pavers. We miticuoulsly sweep the sand in so the sand is nice and neat between the pavers.  We then make sure the sand penetrates into the cracks and we spray the sealer to assure an even application, all jobs are reflective of the square footage being worked. We provide water and oil based sealer

Walkway Cleaning

Curved Paver Before and After Paver Paver