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    Washing the exterior of your home might seem like a luxury rather than a part of routine maintenance. But once homeowners understand the practical benefits of the service, they will change their minds.

    The exterior of the home is continuously exposed to harsh elements, such as sun, dirt, wind, insects, acid rain, smoke, and bird droppings.

    There’s not much homeowners can do to prevent sun or wind damage, but they can minimize the impact of the other elements on that list by washing their homes regularly.

    The Benefits of Exterior House Washing


    Prevents Further Damage

    Moisture may cause rust and other stains that are difficult to remove from the exterior. When residents allow grime to cling to the surface, the stains are more likely to set. Once the stains become permanent, it may become necessary to repaint the home.

    More importantly, mold and moss may gain a foothold in the grime. Mold, even when it’s not toxic, is dangerous and can damage the finish of paint and concrete.

    Maintenance Saves You Money

    Regularly washing the walls removes contaminants that may damage them. The walls look fresher and cleaner, so residents don’t have to renovate as often. Regular exterior washing with professionals is far cheaper than repainting or refinishing a home.

    Primes the Surface

    For homeowners preparing to renovate their home’s exterior, pressure washing it beforehand removes any traces of dirt, making it possible for the new finish or paint to achieve a clean bond.

    Safeguards the Resident’s Health

    Toxic mold spores and mildew are as dangerous on the outside of a home as on the inside. Opening a window on a windy day is all that spores need to travel into the house and cause illness.

    Allergens like pollen and dust mites may also linger on the unwashed walls of the home. Pressure cleaning removes the allergens and allows them to dissipate safely into the ground.

    It’s Better for the Environment

    Shooting out water under high pressure is a highly effective cleaner by itself. Professional exterior cleaners may use cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains, but they’ll use more eco-friendly methods.


    Washing each exterior wall with soapy water and a scrubbing brush is time-consuming. What takes homeowners hours by hand takes professionals minutes with a pressure washer.

    Improves Curb Appeal

    The home looks clean, renewed, and may even appear as if you repainted the exterior. Professional house washing is also highly effective at removing stains, mold, and mildew on:

    • Siding
    • Decks
    • Fencing
    • Driveways
    • Paved areas
    • Roofs

    Improves Property Value

    Property buyers look for signs that the homeowner has cared for their property. When buyers see dirty paint, mold, or algae, they might interpret it as a sign that maintenance is lacking. The exterior’s appearance will set the tone for the rest of the property, leading to a higher offer.

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