How To Sanitize the Exterior of Your Home or Commercial Building

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    Keeping the inside of your home or office clean is top of the list when it comes to hygiene. However, dirt and germs on the building’s largest surface, the exterior, can render this exercise almost futile. Dealing with one and not the other can set back your hygiene program, making it important to consider regular pressure washing in Jacksonville, FL.

    Naturally, this exterior sanitization presents its own set of challenges. What if you find the idea of scaling up and down your building unappealing? We don’t blame you because the task is not only laborious, but it can also prove dangerous.

    The combination of high-pressure water, soapy cleaning agents, heat, and ladders increases the potential for slipping and falling. So we recommend leaving the job to the professionals.

    The As New Again Pressure Washing service is here to pick up the slack. Our trained team will work quickly and safely to spruce up the building and wash away the contaminants.

    The Benefits of Power Washing Your Building in Jacksonville, FL.

    Power washing contractors recommend cleaning your premises at least once or twice a year for the following reasons.

    Disinfects the Surface

    You never know what organisms might attach themselves to the outside of your building. Bacteria and other harmful germs may quickly settle in the dirt and breed. With every gust of wind potentially wafting these toxic substances into your home, disinfecting the exterior makes sense.

    Removes Mildew, Algae, and Mold

    One of the primary advantages of hiring professional exterior cleaning services stems from protecting your building. If left in place, algae, mold, and mildew degrade the finish and cause structural damage to the exterior.

    Power washing kills these organisms and rinses away the residue.

    Clears Allergens

    A pressure washing service will rinse away potential allergens like pollen or dust if you are allergy prone. You will experience fewer allergic reactions as these substances flow out and away from your property.

    Improves Curb Appeal

    Better curb appeal remains one of the primary reasons for pressure washing in Jacksonville, FL. The water clears away the dingy film of dirt that can make the building look older than it is. In some cases, it seems as though you repainted the walls.

    Visitors to the property gain a more favorable view of your home or company as they see you maintain it well.

    Creates a Safe Working Environment

    Calling a pressure washing company protects your business’s employees. Not only are they more likely to be proud of where they work, but they’re also less likely to battle with the consequences of sick building syndrome.

    Highlights Potential Issues

    Dirt can hide many flaws in the building. By washing it away regularly, you make it easier to spot these issues during the earlier stages when repairs cost less.

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