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How to Remove Algae From Your Roof in Jacksonville, FL

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    The humid climate here in Jacksonville creates the perfect environment for blue-green algae to thrive. Thanks to increasing news reports of algal blooms in various water bodies in the area, this might not be a surprising fact.  However, did you know algae can also take root on your roof? Here’s a bit more about roof algae and roof cleaning in Jacksonville, FL.

    How Does Algae Develop On Your Roof?

    Typically, algae grow in water, so how does it develop on your roof? Shouldn’t it stay confined to streams, rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water?

    While algae do most often live directly within water sources, blue-green algae are not limited to aquatic habitats. It’s true that blooms in water sources get more media attention due to the algae’s environmental impact, but the algae forming on your roof could also have a devastating impact on your home.

    Algae reproduce through airborne spores, and they can grow anywhere with indirect sunlight, humidity, and a food source. Jacksonville’s climate provides plenty of sun and moisture, and the limestone in your roof’s shingles feeds its growth.

    Not only are algae stains unsightly, but they are literally eating away at your roof and shortening its lifespan.

    Algae Removal and Treatment Options in Jacksonville, FL

    What’s a homeowner to do? Is it necessary to replace any shingles affected by algae, or can they be treated? Is there any way to prevent algae from returning?

    While roof cleaning in Jacksonville is not as easy as scrubbing with soap and warm water, it is possible to clean algae off shingles. However, algae spores are always in the air, so preventing reoccurrence is difficult. You’ll need to take steps to lessen the chances of reinfestation or slow its growth.

    Remove Risk Factors

    Gloeocapsa magma, or blue-green algae, needs moisture and indirect sunlight, but it is also sensitive to high temperatures. Anything that shades your roof facilitates algae growth by lowering temperatures and preventing evaporation.

    Overhanging branches make a hospitable environment for algae to thrive.  Trim any branches to allow the direct sunlight through. The bonus to trimming your trees is that you will have less debris in your gutters and won’t have to worry about limbs falling and damaging your roof.

    When it is time to replace your roof, choosing a material without limestone will also help prevent algae growth.

    DIY Method

    If you feel comfortable enough to climb up and attempt to clean your roof, you’ll need a 50/50 mix of bleach and water. Apply it, let it sit 20-30 minutes, and then rinse it. Bleach is toxic to most life forms, algae included, but it can also be dangerous for your plants, pets, and yourself.

    Wear gloves, rinse any plants near your foundation afterward, and take precautions to prevent falls. Never stand on wet areas of your roof. While this method will effectively kill the algae, it won’t always remove stains entirely.

    Professional Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

    If you want to skip all the hassle and hazards of cleaning your own roof, a professional roof cleaning service like ours is your best bet to remove algae and prevent its return. Our skilled team can utilize soft pressure washing to remove algae without damaging your roof, and our cleansers are non-toxic and biodegradable.

    For professional roof cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, call As New Again Pressure Washing at (904) 881-9743 today for your free estimate.

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