How To Keep Your Tile Roofs Clean

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    Keeping tile roofs clean isn’t always easy. Dirt, debris, algae, and more often accumulate on tile roofs over time, reducing your home’s visual appeal while shortening the life of your roof. That’s why the roof cleaning experts at As New Again Pressure Washing constructed a short guide to teach you how to clean your roof so your home can look its best year-round.

    As New Again Pressure Washing is one of Jacksonville, FL’s leading providers of top-notch roof cleaning services. We offer low-pressure roof cleaning and pressure washing at a rate that won’t break the bank. If you want high-quality tile roof cleaning services contact the As New Again team.

    Roof Cleaning Equipment

    Routine tile roof cleaning has many benefits. It can help your home reach its true visual potential while improving its integrity, lifespan, and more. However, before you start cleaning your roof, you need to rent or purchase the proper equipment and safety gear. Ensure you have the following before starting the roof cleaning process.

    • A low-PSI pressure washer
    • High-quality roof cleaning solutions
    • Anti-moss spray
    • Anti-slip shoes
    • Safety glasses
    • A harness
    • Gloves
    • A helmet

    Once you have all the equipment and the weather is dry and clear, you can start cleaning your tile roof.

    How to Clean a Tile Roof

    Step 1: Remove Broken or Loose Tiles

    Broken and loose tiles are exceedingly dangerous and can cause you to fall and injure yourself if you step on them incorrectly. Always remove any loose tiles before hauling your gear onto the roof.

    Step 2: Move Plants Away from the House

    Tile roof cleaning can sometimes cause debris to fall from the rooftop, potentially harming plants surrounding the perimeter. It’s best to move plants away from the house to ensure they don’t become damaged during the process.

    Step 3: Pressure Wash the Roof

    Pressure washing with high-quality cleaning solutions is one of the best ways to deep clean a roof without damaging the tiles. Use a low-PSI pressure washer to remove dirt and debris from the tiles. After washing the tiles, spray an anti-moss agent along the roof to hinder vegetation and algae growth.

    Step 4: Allow the Roof To Dry and Inspect for Damage

    After you pressure wash, haul your equipment off the roof and allow it to dry before conducting your inspection. This ensures you remain safe while walking along the rooftop. Once the rooftop dries, inspect the tiles for potential damage.

    If you find any damaged or missing tiles, contact a professional roofing service for professional repairs.

    Contact As New Again Pressure Washing for Professional Tile Roof Cleaning

    If you need a professional tile roof cleaning service around Jacksonville and the nearby cities, contact As New Again Pressure Washing. We’ve been helping our community clean their roofs since 2003, qualifying us for all your tile roof cleaning needs. Our team always makes you their highest priority and will go above and beyond to guarantee your satisfaction.

    Contact As New Again Pressure Washing at (904) 881-9743 and schedule your appointment today!

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