How to Clean a Roof Like a Pro

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    As New Again is one of the leading providers of high-quality roof cleaning services in Florida. We know that business owners and residents are curious about which cleaning solutions to use, and whether they should use a pressure washer to speed up the cleaning process.

    Removing moss and algae without damaging your roof can be challenging without professional guidance. So, in this explainer, our technicians will outline a few techniques that help them sanitize roofs efficiently. Our soft-wash roof cleaning services earn hundreds of stellar reviews from customers annually, and they are overjoyed that they no longer need to use a garden hose, gutter scoops, and corrosive solutions to perform roof maintenance.

    When Should You Clean Your Roof?

    As New Again Pressure Washing serves many businesses, residents, and real estate investors who live inside or own property near a body of water. Florida is famous for its ocean fronts, with the Caribbean Sea to the south, the Atlantic basin to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the West. Roofs near lakes and saltwater sources experience higher humidity and are more susceptible to rust, algae growth, and the development of mold colonies.

    If you have tile or shingle roofs, algae can eat away at the glue that holds them in place against a waterproof underlayment. If you spot blue-green mold-like streaks between your shingles during the summer, your house might have algae growth.

    Droppings and debris from surrounding wildlife can clog gutters and cause microbial colonies to develop near HVAC units. Pollutants can stain a shingle, tile, wood, and metal roof for good, especially brightly colored models.

    According to roof cleaning experts, cleaning your roof once a year will help you detect and repair early signs of damage before water leaks into your home or place of business. Water remediation can cost thousands of dollars and months to complete. Technicians must remove soaked insulation materials, floorboards, and drywall, all because of a tiny hole in a poorly maintained roof.

    The Tools You Need for Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

    Our technicians carefully use soft-washing techniques to achieve professional roof cleaning results. Using pressurized water to clean slate, wood shake, and asphalt roofs can cause more harm than good. A metal roof is only a few millimeters thick, and a power washer can cause depressions or puncture it.

    Here are a few roof-cleaning products and tools we use:

    • A few gallons of hot or warm water
    • Eco-friendly cleaners that will not harm nearby plants and wildlife
    • Trisodium phosphates
    • Garden hose with a nozzle
    • Extending ladders
    • Non-skid work shoes

    How Technicians Clean Roofs

    We mix our professional roof cleaning solutions in a bucket and then pour the combined solution into a sprayer. We cover an area of the roof with the mixture and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, we use a garden hose and a wiper to rinse and spot clean stains.

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