How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home?

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    If you’ve ever wondered how often you should pressure wash your house, there is no easy answer. It depends on several factors, but property owners typically schedule this task once a year as part of a regular home maintenance routine.

    Some areas of the home require more frequent attention, however. If you’re a homeowner, you may choose to clean some areas more often, especially if you’re thinking about selling your property.

    Here are six pressure washing guidelines from our experts:

    1. Maintain Spot Cleaning

    Areas prone to algae benefit from more regular power washing appointments, including the roof and deck. Organic matter spreads fast once it gains a foothold, so it’s best to clean it as it first appears to:

    • Prevent staining: Algae and mold leave ugly black streaks on roofs and decks
    • Reduce slipping hazards: Plant matter and water are a deadly combination for navigating these areas safely
    • Improve energy efficiency: Spots on the roof absorb more sunlight, leading to hotspots within the attic

    2. Survey The Surrounds

    The environment also dictates how often you should power wash your home.

    • A humid, wet climate creates the perfect conditions for mold, mildew, and algae
    • A lush garden provides an abundance of organic matter that clogs drains and gutters or provides a home for pests and bacteria
    • Frequent dust storms leave the property looking dull and dirty

    If there are many trees on your property, regular pressure washing can keep the gutters clear.

    3. Assess Health Concerns

    Regular pressure washing clears harmful contaminants, like algae and mold. While not all mold is toxic, it does present a potential allergen in the home that is safest when eradicated. Like pollen that ails hay fever sufferers, indoor mold or mildew attacks the respiratory system, causing wheezing, sinusitis, and asthma attacks.

    Spores, pollutants, and pollen naturally settle on a home, and an HVAC system will filter out only some of these particles. Residents sensitive to mold and other contaminants must still face the gauntlet posed by open windows or venturing outdoors onto decks, paving, driveways, and balconies.

    Pressure cleaning is a useful preventative measure in reducing these potential health risks.

    4. Improve Renovations

    When refinishing or repainting surfaces in the home, excellent preparation ensures success. Pressure washing removes every trace of dirt so that paint and other new finishes are easy to apply. The new material also adheres better and lasts longer on a clean surface.

    5.   Raise The Appeal

    People that take pride in their homes often increase the number of cleanings per year. The pressure washing sessions increase curb appeal and keep the house looking tidy, and it feels great to see the home living up to its full potential.

    6.   Enjoy The Summer

    Homeowners often choose to pressure clean in spring, preparing for home maintenance projects on long summer days. Spores are dormant in winter, and as the climate warms, these contaminants grow fast. It is best to pressure clean ahead of time before it runs wild.

    A second cleaning in the fall ensures that rogue spores and pollutants disappear, reducing the risk of respiratory tract infections.

    Pressure Washing Like New Again

    As New Again Pressure Washing provides homeowners with professional pressure cleaning services at affordable rates. Call our professionals today for a free estimate on pressure washing services in Florida.

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