How Do I Keep My Pavers Clean?

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    Keeping your home and property clean isn’t just about the buildings – extends to every square inch of the building and lawn. You mow the grass, clean your driveway, clean the house, and sweep the deck. What about your patio, walkways, and pavers? Here are a few tips for cleaning pavers that you can easily follow on your own.

    If you don’t think you can complete this process by yourself, you can reach out for help from a professional paver sealing service.


    Sweeping your pavers helps keep dust, dirt, and debris away. While you can’t keep your pavers perfectly clean just by sweeping, it will cut down on built-up gunk.

    Use an outdoor broom or hard-bristle broom that will lightly scratch the surface of your pavers to remove dirt, dust, and debris. A light indoor broom will only serve to press dirt and debris into each paver.


    Once you’ve taken the time to sweep your pavers, they also need to be rinsed. It’s a good idea to rinse your pavers off about once a week. Pull out the hose and remove any stuck-on dirt or debris that you cannot remove with a broom.

    If it has rained recently, that does not mean your pavers are clean. The rain only serves to kick around dirt, dust, and debris that will dry on your pavers after the storm. We recommend rinsing your pavers with the hose after a storm. But for best results, you can go ahead and get the help of pressure washing professionals to rejuvenate your pavers.

    Wipe Down with a Cleaning Solution

    When you have good weather, go outside with a basic cleaning solution and wipe down your pavers. Some people prefer to wipe the pavers clean by hand, while others will use a mop or an outdoor broom to pull the cleaning solution across the pavers.

    This is your chance to remove any dirt, gunk, or debris that you could not remove with a sweep or rinse. Ensure that you rinse the pavers to see if any dirt or gunk is left behind. Repeat the process until each paver is perfectly clean.


    When you use a sealant on your pavers, they remain cleaner for longer. Wait for the pavers to dry and apply a coat of your favorite sealant. Ensure that you have chosen a clear sealant that’s made for outdoor use.

    You can clean your pavers and refresh your sealant at any time. However, most people apply sealant at the beginning of the spring or at the end of the fall season.


    All the cleaning in the world can’t save broken, stained, or damaged pavers. Replace your pavers when it is clear that you cannot clean them. Some pavers will stain because they were not cleaned properly, and others will start to lose their color because of the hot Florida sun.

    Reach Out for a Consultation or Pressure Washing Service

    Keeping your pavers clean increases the value of your home, improves your curb appeal, and makes your home a more enjoyable place to live. Whether you need paver sealing or a professional help for cleaning your pavers, you can trust that As New Again Pressure Washing always got your back. Call us today at (904) 881-9743 for a consultation or estimate.

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