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    Maintaining your home requires hard work throughout the year, and you must complete several small projects to keep your house in perfect condition. Pressure washing provides you with greater curb appeal, helps increase the value of your home, and makes your property safer.

    Review these pressure washing projects as you prepare for a long winter. Even though you live in the Jacksonville area, remember that temperatures drop, precipitation increases, and damage may go unnoticed.

    Clean the Patio, Deck, or Porch

    Porches, decks, and patios must be cleaned because they harbor allergens, mold, bacteria, and germs. If there are some warm days during the winter season, it’s tempting to go outside for a party or family dinner. Do not expose everyone to allergens or illnesses when you can pressure wash these outdoor spaces first.

    Cleaning outdoor spaces is also a safety issue. Immunocompromised family members cannot breathe mold or mildew without feeling ill, and slippery surfaces can cause falls or serious injuries. You might also expose damaged wood, pavers, or slabs that are both dangerous and unsightly.

    Remove Debris From Your Gutters

    Gutters around your house allow water to flow from the roof to the ground without pooling or settling. Unfortunately, your gutters can fill with leaves, pine straw, and additional debris if left uncleaned before the winter season. Pressure washing helps in forcing everything out of the gutters to prevent clogs and water damage inside the house.

    Pressure washing also reveals any issues with your gutters that were previously unnoticed. You may have rusty brackets, sagging gutters, or other damages not visible.

    Clean Siding, Brick, & Wood

    Cleaning siding, brick, and wood around the house makes your home look beautiful. Brick is difficult to clean, but pressure washing returns each brick to its original color along with the mortar. The siding must be washed because it stains easily, and pressure washing will reveal damage to the siding panels.

    The wood around your home might have termite damage or rotten spots that are not visible until it has been pressure washed. We alert you to any issues we discover while working on your property, and we do not aggressively clean damaged areas. You can schedule any necessary repairs, and we can return when the house is ready for more pressure cleaning.

    Clean the Windows Before Frost Takes Over

    Clean your exterior windows before frost allows dirt and debris to set in. Pressure washing takes only a few moments per window, and the process improves visibility from inside the house.

    You likely have pollen or dust buildup around the trim, and removing that buildup before the winter is easier than cleaning or repainting in the spring. Exterior windows may have existing damage to the seals or glass that you cannot see until a pressure clean reveals the problem.

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