Drawbacks of Skipping Routine Pressure Washing Services

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    If you’ve had your property or home pressure washed before, you know how good the driveway, sidewalks, and walkways look afterward. The only problem is—it’s hard to keep up with regular pressure washing. You may have every intention of keeping your property in great condition, but life happens sometimes.

    While you might justify missing a routine pressure wash, there are a few drawbacks to consider before you skip these cleanings. Your property can suffer as a result.

    Built-Up Gunk Never Goes Away

    Dirt or grime that has built up on pavers, sidewalks, driveways, decks, and patios never goes away. That layer of film is disgusting, and it will continue to grow until it is cleaned. Ignoring it won’t help – it won’t go away without a thorough cleaning.

    The dirt and debris can stain your concrete, patio, driveway, sidewalk, or pavers. In some cases, stained pavers cannot be cleaned and may need to be replaced, which is even more expensive than pressure washing.

    Curb Appeal Decreases

    The curb appeal of your home or business decreases when you have built-up dirt and mildew on every flat surface. You can even see it build up on your siding or brick.

    If someone drives by every day, they’ll associate your home, property, or business with dirty and unkempt surfaces, which is probably not what you want. This can lead to a lower property value when it’s time to sell.

    It’s a Safety Hazard

    When mold, mildew, dirt, and dust build up on your patio, deck, stairs, pavers, driveways, and walkways, it creates a safety hazard that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The gunk you have allowed to build up is slippery. You could slip, fall, and hurt yourself, which might even require medical attention.

    If someone slips on your property and suffers major injuries, they have grounds to sue you for negligently maintaining your property. While we don’t want to frighten you, no one wants to be in that position. A simple pressure washing appointment solves all these problems.

    Your Home Might Lose Value

    Your home starts to lose its value when it looks shabby and dirty. You might find it harder to sell or may have to accept a lower price for your house if your driveway, patio, or the house itself is covered in dirt.

    Your neighbors’ property value may also decrease if your home looks grimy. Not only is your home dirty, but your neighbors are upset with you. If you’re part of a homeowner’s association, you might be cited for not tending to your property.

    This issue becomes even more pressing if you plan to rent your home when you move. No one will want to rent a dirty or unsafe home.

    Never Skip Pressure Washing Again

    For an estimate or consultation, call (904) 881-9743 to find out more about our pressure washing services. Our skilled team at As New Again Pressure Washing will keep your property clean, safe, and in excellent condition with regular pressure washing services in Florida.

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