Can You Pressure Wash a Roof?

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    Are you tired of looking at your grimy, unsightly roofing? The constant exposure to the elements can take its toll on what used to be an impressive sight. You might think that giving the surface a quick go with a pressure washer makes a viable, cost-effective fix, but the reality is not that simple. 

    As a trusted provider of professional roof cleaning services, we’re here to discuss why we advise against pressure washing a roof and present a better, safer alternative.

    The Dangers of Pressure Washing A Roof

    Pressure washers might look like your average garden hose, but they’re actually quite powerful. Even basic equipment can produce up to 2800 PSI, which is no small amount. The force of the stream could easily weaken shingles, tiles, and every other traditional roofing material.

    With a compromised surface, you might end up dealing with more headaches than just dirt and grime. Why risk costly repairs and even the need for a premature replacement?

    Why You Should Consider Soft Washing Instead

    Soft washing is a cutting-edge technique that combines gentler jets of water with biodegradable cleaning solutions. The method penetrates even the heaviest buildup and stubborn stains to leave you with a spotless finish, all while retaining your roof’s integrity.

    The advantages don’t end there, though. Roof cleaning experts know that organic contaminants are a common problem in the area. Moss, lichen, and algae thrive in constant humidity and can quickly take over a poorly maintained roof.

    Soft washing is the only way to effectively tackle these stubborn organisms. With a single treatment, you can:

    • Say goodbye to the ugly dark streaks on your roof
    • Prevent the damage caused by widespread growth
    • Minimize the health risks associated with spore exposure

    How Often Should You Conduct Soft Washing?

    It’s a good practice to soft wash your roof every three years. Properties surrounded by trees or situated in heavily polluted areas might require more frequent treatments. This proactive approach will protect the surface and ensure it stays presentable when guests come over.

    Most experts agree that you should do it during the dry season. The mixtures used in soft washing need a few days to settle into the material. Rain will cause most of these chemicals to run off and prove less effective.

    Always Leave It the Experts

    If you feel tempted to do DIY roof cleaning, remember that roof cleaning is not as straightforward as it seems. Without the proper gear and experience, you can only tackle loose debris, not deep-seated problems. You also risk putting yourself and others in danger.

    Let As New Again Pressure Washing do the heavy lifting instead! Our team has helped hundreds of homes and businesses in Florida revitalize their exteriors and maintain clean roofs. 

    Contact us at (904) 881-9743 today for a free estimate on our expert roof cleaning services. We can utilize soft washing treatments tailored to the specific material of your roofing. We look forward to serving you soon!

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