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    Homeowners typically perform general maintenance on their homes between March and November. It’s also the best time to pressure wash the house and all exterior surfaces before the cold weather arrives.

    Some property owners view pressure cleaning as a luxury, but it’s an incredibly smart investment. Eradicating dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants keeps the home neater and safer. The family benefits from a more hygienic environment and the exterior finishes last longer.

    When Should I Have My Home Pressure Washed?

    When it comes to scheduling an exterior cleaning session, consider the following:

    • When last did your home have a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer on decks, fences, paving, walls, or the roof?
    • Have there been extreme weather conditions since the last power washing?
    • Will you be having guests visiting for the holidays, or will you be hosting a party?
    • Are there traces of mold, algae, or other ugly streaks on the exterior surfaces or roof?
    • Does the home’s surface look dull or dirty on closer inspection?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to call our team at As New Again Pressure Washing. Our pressure washing company provides a choice between a once-off service or discounted rates for a regular cleaning schedule. Feel free to speak to one of our friendly pressure washing professionals for more information.

    When Is the Best Time To Pressure Wash?

    As long as it’s light outside, it doesn’t matter what time of day our team cleans your house. An overcast day or drizzle might cast a damper on things, but our experienced technicians work in all sorts of conditions. If there’s sufficient light to operate, the power washing team continues their work.

    Pressure washing is versatile, and the machines work in most conditions. For safety reasons, we don’t operate during a thunderstorm or extreme weather, but it doesn’t matter if it’s in the midday sun or in the rain.

    Why You Should Work with Professionals

    Almost every hardware store sells pressure washers, so is it necessary to hire professionals to do the same job? The answer is an emphatic, “Yes.”

    The Cost-Per-Use For Pressure Cleaners Is High

    Homeowners use these machines once or twice a year at most. The power cleaner gathers dust in the garage during the rest of the year, making it an expensive tool.

    Pressure Washing Is An Art

    Anyone can blast away at a surface and remove the dirt, but only our experienced crew can do it without damaging the underlying finishes. The high-pressure jet crack concretes, scours wood, smashes glass, and warps siding, so finesse is essential.

    Power Washing Is Dangerous

    Homeowners risk life and limb when climbing the side of a building to clean the walls and roof. Balancing while handling the pressure cleaner and soapy water is a recipe for disaster. Rather, call our insured professionals.

    A Time Missed, Is a Time Wasted: Work With Us Today!

    Don’t wait until your home looks worn out. Speak to our experienced team at As New Again Pressure Washing to learn more about the pressure washing service that suits you. You can also call us at (904) 881-9743 or message us online for a free estimate on our local pressure washing services in Florida.

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