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    Quality Roof Cleaning Services in Jacksonville Beach, FL

    Professional roof cleaning in Jacksonville Beach, FL, helps you protect one of your most valuable assets, your property. No matter what types of roofs people have, they all have a shelf life. In some cases, this can be as long as 50 years; in others, 10-20 years. 

    As New Again Pressure Washing is here to help you protect your roof by washing off elements that degrade the surface and make it look older than it is. We work in Jacksonville Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas to rinse away dirt, animal droppings, algae, mold, and other harmful contaminants from every shingle without causing any water damage. 

    We use the latest power wash and gutter cleaning techniques to leave your roof spotless. 

    Is It Worth It to Have Your Roof Cleaned in Jacksonville Beach, FL?

    Our humid climate makes it essential to clean your roof in Jacksonville Beach regularly. Dirt contains more than simple grains of sand, although those are abrasive enough to damage any surface. It also contains mold, algae, and moss spores. 

    This organic growth thrives in our warm sunny weather and soon takes hold. Before you know it, your home gives “green roof” a new meaning — not in a good way. The algae absorb sunlight, superheating areas and making it harder for your HVAC to do its job. 

    Regular cleaning removes these elements, improving your roof’s energy efficiency and stopping the degradation in its tracks. 

    Why Choose As New Again Pressure Washing?

    Why choose us for your roof cleaning in Jacksonville Beach, FL? Our customers have many reasons, but these are among their favorites: 


    Attention to detail

    Affordable rates

    100% satisfaction guarantee

    Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville Beach, FL

    There are several benefits to roof cleaning in Jacksonville Beach, FL. The primary ones include: 


    Climbing onto your roof yourself is dangerous and can result in expensive damage to the roofing. We have the safety gear and expertise to make this task safe.

    Extended Roof Lifespan

    Regular cleaning is a maintenance task that pays outstanding dividends. It can help prevent significant damage and expensive replacements. 

    Better Curb Appeal

    Whether you’re welcoming a potential buyer or a new friend, first impressions count. A dirty roof shows signs of neglect and may leave people wondering what other cleaning chores you still need to complete.

    Energy Savings

    Grime and organic growth on the roof play havoc with your home’s energy efficiency. The last thing you need in a hot Florida summer is more heat inside, so call us to deal with the debris.  

    Improved Health

    Toxic mold gets all the press, but did you know that even “harmless” mold and algae can cause respiratory issues? Throw in pollen and other allergens, and a dirty roof becomes a health hazard.

    Our Soft Wash Roof Process

    As New Again Pressure Washing uses a soft wash roof cleaning technique. This technique not only removes dirt but it kills algae, moss, mold, and the spores these plants send out. The technique is far more effective than using a pressure washer alone because we rely on a biodegradable cleaning agent to do the heavy lifting. 

    At most, we might gently nudge away stubborn grime using a soft-bristled brush so there’s no chance of damage. 

    Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville FL

    About Jacksonville Beach, FL

    With 21,362, this town in Duval County is far from a backwater. Initially named Pablo Beach in reference to the San Pablo River, the city changed its name after its incorporation in 1907.  A hoch potch of design styles, there’s no one way to describe this area properly. 

    While most buildings are new, some will impress the history buffs. The Casa Marina Hotel opened in 1925, is a prime example of the Mission design style popular back then. In contrast to the opulent structure, the beautifully functional  American Red Cross Volunteer Life Saving Corps Station was built in 1947 in the Art Moderne style. 

    How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Jacksonville Beach, FL?

    Roof cleaning in Jacksonville Beach, FL, costs between $349-$753, depending on the job’s complexity. We offer you a free, onsite estimate so that you know exactly what you’re signing up for. We encourage you to get a few quotes because our rates are highly competitive.

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