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    As strong and durable as brick pavers are, they are not immune to damage. In fact, given Fernandina Beach’s coastal climate, pits and cracks are a real possibility. Before long, your pavers can become a major eyesore on your property.

    Fortunately, there’s a surface protection solution you can turn to. Contact our team at As New Again Pressure Washing to learn how opting for paver sealing services in Fernandina Beach can help.

    Premier Paver Sealing Services in Fernandina Beach

    While few property owners pay attention to it, concrete sealing is a key part of driveway maintenance. After all, the last thing you want to see when pulling into your driveway is a damaged, heavily stained surface.

    Are you worried about your pavers wearing away due to coastal erosion or saltwater? Worry no more.

    At As New Again Pressure Washing, we offer quality paver sealing services that tackle the unique challenges you face as a Fernandina Beach homeowner. You can trust our premier paver-sealing solutions to keep your pavers looking as good as new.

    Why Choose As New Again Pressure Washing?

    While you have several companies to choose from, our standout qualities have made us one of the area’s leading providers of paver sealing services in Fernandina Beach.

    Work with us today and benefit from our:

    Advanced sealing technology tailored for coastal environments

    Commitment to your satisfaction

    Detailed attention to every paver sealing project

    Personalized surface protection solutions

    Do not take any chances with your paver sealing project. Reach out to our As New Again Pressure Washing team and work with a professional company with a proven track record of delivering stunning results, whether you need patio restoration or thorough driveway cleaning.

    Benefits of Our Paver Sealing Services

    It’s easy for some to underestimate the impact of paver sealing. However, sealing your pavers is not only necessary but also highly beneficial.

    Our paver sealing services offer:

    Protection from the harsh coastal elements of Fernandina Beach

    Enhanced paver appearance

    Extended paver longevity

    Weed and fungi growth prevention

    Waterproofing solutions

    Our services leave you with visually stunning pavers that will withstand anything Fernandina Beach throws at them.

    Our Comprehensive Paver Sealing Process

    Paver Sealing in Atlantic Beach, FL  

    The key to enjoying these benefits and more lies in the efficiency of our paver sealing process. Thanks to our specialized equipment, reliable sealing solutions, and unmatched attention to detail, we are able to offer top-notch sealing services.

    Here are the main steps our meticulous sealing process involves:

    Surface preparation

    Our team thoroughly cleans the surface of your pavers.

    Paver sanding

    Next, we sand the surface, leaving it ready for the application of the sealant.

    Two-part sealant application

    Lastly, we apply a sealant, creating a long-lasting, vibrant, and glossy finish.

    Discover Fernandina Beach

    From the warm climate to the beautiful coastal environment, there’s a lot to love about Fernandina Beach. Don’t let damaged, deeply stained pavers dampen such pleasures.

    Customer Reviews

    They were great, efficient, quick, and very polite and easy to work with. I recommend them as my service was rendered exactly as I requested. Thank you As New Again!
    Ivette Muniz
    Ivette Muniz
    David and his team stripped, cleaned, sanded and sealed our 10 year old pavers. They paid attention to the details and our patio and drive look like new. David cares and delivers great results.
    Douglas Moody
    Douglas Moody
    Fair prices and same day service. They do driveways, houses, roof, fencing, windows, awnings and even patio furniture! This is a company I recommend!!
    Aly Carlo
    Aly Carlo
    Very polite. Excellent customer service. Great quality job
    Richard Frerman
    Richard Frerman
    Outstanding service from a quality and professionally-led company. Dave Perez and the crew exceeded our expectations in the quality completion of our deck paver resand and reseal. Kudos to ANAPW.Christopher and Delia Cox
    Christopher Cox
    Christopher Cox
    Work was done in a timely and professional manner. I recommend them highly.
    Linda Timmons
    Linda Timmons
    David and his crew are very professional and knowledgeable. They did a fantastic job! I would definitely hire them again.
    Ginger Ailes
    Ginger Ailes

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