8 Reasons to Have Professionals Pressure Wash Your Home

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    When last did you wash the exterior of your home? If you can no longer remember, it’s time to call in a professional team to wash your home for you.

    Dirt, insects, wind, grime, mold, and oil are all common contaminants that assail your home daily. The only way to prevent this buildup is to wrap your home in an airtight layer of plastic — an unrealistic option.

    Getting a pressure washing service from As New Again Pressure Washing is a far more practical solution. Our fully-licensed team of pressure washing experts uses a combination of skill and the right equipment to peel away the layers of dirt, giving your home a fresh new look without any damage to the façade.

    Why Pressure Wash Your Home?

    #1: Increases Property Value

    Professionally washing your home‘s exterior can remove dirt and grime to reveal the reasonably unmarked surface underneath. Paint and brickwork look brighter and renewed, and in many cases, the home looks like it’s had a facelift.

    A neat and tidy exterior is more appealing to buyers. It will leave them with the impression that you’ve been serious about keeping up the maintenance, resulting in them being willing to pay more.

    #2: Restores Curb Appeal 

    From the outside, it’s difficult to tell the difference between dirt and neglect. Remove any doubt by scheduling As New Again Pressure Washing to wash the building to leave your home looking as good as new.

    #3: Saves Time

    If you have a couple of weekends to spare, you could wipe down the walls yourself, but our team can cover the same ground in a matter of hours. Call us in and save your weekends for something fun.

    #4: Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

    Make regular washing a part of your maintenance routine, and you’ll save yourself a bundle of money. Some stains, such as rust, are permanent once set, so get rid of them immediately to avoid having to repaint your home.

    #5: Don’t Worry About Lack of Equipment

    By hiring a professional team, you don’t need to buy any specialized equipment you’ll barely use in the future. We have an industrial pressure washer, safety equipment, ladders, cleaning supplies, and tarpaulins ready to go.

    #6: Safety

    The idea of spraying highly-pressurized water onto a wall while precariously balancing on a ladder is daunting, and it only gets worse: add in a soapy solution, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Don’t risk your neck and better get help from a professional pressure washing company.

    #7: Prepares Your Home for Renovation

    If you’re preparing to renovate your home, properly preparing the surfaces is essential. Get a clean start every time with our cleaning services.

    #8: Protects the Health of Your Family

    Mold and allergens may settle into the dust and dirt on the side of your building. From there, it takes just a gust of wind for them to enter your home, leading to health risks for your family.

    Get Your Home Professionally Pressure Washed Today

    Getting your home professionally pressure washed completes the task safely and quickly without damaging your home.

    As New Again Pressure Washing assists residents of Jacksonville with professional exterior cleaning services. Get in touch with our team for your free estimate today.

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