6 Benefits of Soft Washing Your Home

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    Soft washing your home uses a combination of cleaning products and low-pressure water jets to remove dirt. One of the primary benefits of soft washing is that it is far gentler than high-pressure washing.

    High-pressure cleaning scours the surface to remove ingrained dirt, similar to taking a chisel and hammering away the dirt. It’s a blunt tool that, when misused, may cause significant damage to the home.

    Our team at As New Again Pressure Washing are experts at using soft-washing techniques. In this post, we’ll work through the top six reasons why to consider using this exterior cleaning strategy.

    Reduced Chance of Damage to Your Home

    A power washing can cause significant damage to your hand if accidentally placed in front of the jet stream, sometimes causing severe lacerations to the tissue.

    With soft-washing systems, you may safely place your hand in the stream of water with no risk of injury.

    If pressure cleaning lacerates the hand, you can imagine its impact on softwood, siding, tiles, or crumbling concrete. The pressure may dent or etch wood, crack tiles and glass, or break bits off the concrete.

    Algae, Mold, and Mildew Are Eliminated at A Molecular Level

    Soft washing techniques kill off mold, mildew, and algae at the cellular level so the plants cannot grow back, while pressure washing merely removes the growth. Plant spores that escape the scouring can grow back again quickly.

    The spores are microscopic, making them impossible to see with the naked eye. Soft washing is a more effective technique to remove the potentially damaging growth of these elements from your home.

    Requires Less Water

    Unlike power washing, soft washing uses far less water. As the water doesn’t blast at the walls at high speeds, it doesn’t penetrate as deeply and there’s a lower risk of permanent water damage.


    Many people shiver at the mere word “chemical.” The chemicals that As New Again Pressure Washing uses are all biodegradable and wash away harmlessly. We don’t use harsh chemicals that may be detrimental to the health of our clients, employees, or the environment.

    Extend the Life of Your Home

    Regularly cleaning the exterior of your home kills mold and algae before they’re able to do much damage. Over time, you’ll spend less on renewing finishes, repainting, and expensive structural repairs.

    Boost Curb Appeal

    A soft wash boosts your home’s curb appeal by making it look as good as new. If you intend to sell your property, having a neat, clean house makes a favorable impression on buyers. Your home appears more valuable, resulting in increased property value.

    When the time comes to sell, you’ll find it much easier to get the right offer.

    Soft washing is a vital part of your home’s routine maintenance. As New Again Pressure Washing is a pressure washing company in Jacksonville, FL, that offers both soft washing and power washing services with an excellent track record and friendly staff. We’re always ready to assist with your cleaning needs.

    Get in touch with us today, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate for rejuvenating your home.

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