3 Areas of Your Home’s Exterior That Can Be Cleaned by Soft Washing

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    If you’re having trouble removing unwanted dirt and grime from your home’s exterior, giving it a professional soft wash may be your solution. Soft washing is a safer, less damaging form of pressure washing that eliminates stains, algae, and other unsightly blemishes from your home without harming its exterior. It’s one of the best and most efficient ways to clean the outside of your home without having to worry about the adverse effects of power washing.

    Below are three areas of your home’s exterior that soft washing can clean.


    Keeping your home’s siding nice and clean isn’t easy, especially in Jacksonville’s hot and humid climate. However, soft washing your home’s siding is an effective way to remove all the troublesome stains without harming the exterior paint or woodwork.

    A soft wash is strong enough to handle dirt, hard water stains, bugs, dust, and other exterior blemishes, yet gentle enough to keep your home damage-free. Unlike power washing, you won’t have to worry about the water seeping into cracks within the sidings, causing mold and structural damage. Soft washing is an effective alternative to power washing and a great way to increase your home’s longevity while boosting its curbside appeal.


    Your roof is prone to all sorts of environmental debris that leaves your home looking less-than-stellar. While power washing can damage and remove shingles from your roofing, soft wash roof cleaning could rejuvenate the area while keeping the shingles fully intact. It also removes all hazardous bacteria and buildup that jeopardizes your roof’s lifespan.

    Allergens tend to take hold of roofs rather quickly, leaving you feeling sickly and run down. A thorough soft wash eliminates most forms of allergens so you can feel your best inside and outside the home.

    Believe it or not, soft washing can also save you money on costly energy bills during Jacksonville’s warm summer months. Since most dirt, algae, and debris consist of darker colors, the buildup attracts more sun, raising the temperature of your home. A soft wash eliminates the buildup on your roof and leaves your home in a much cooler state.


    Gutters are one of the most vulnerable areas of your home for unwanted buildup. Dirt, debris, bacteria, and more accumulate in your gutters, diminishing their functionality and your home’s visual appeal. A soft wash increases the gutter’s serviceability by removing clogs, stains, and other unwanted contaminants. It also leaves your home’s aesthetic looking better than ever.

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    If your home needs professional soft washing services, contact As New Again Pressure Washing. Our team in Jacksonville provides proficient soft washing that will leave your home’s exterior in immaculate condition. We’ve rejuvenated countless homes with our superior soft washing, and we can breathe new life into your residence’s exterior at a fair and affordable price.

    Give As New Again Pressure Washing a call at (904) 881-9743 and give your home the soft wash it deserves today!

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